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Building on what works

Blue Tile Capital seeks to acquire a single, owner-operated business in the Houston area.

Our goal is to be the best partner for a like-minded entrepreneur seeking an ownership transition.

That means:

1 / No tire kicking

We come to the table with assured funding, respect for the seller's time, and a strong motivation to complete a transaction on fair terms.

2 / Complete focus

We plan to serve as a full-time owner-operator of one quality business. Continuing the seller's legacy will become our life's work.

3 / Humility

We approach every opportunity with an open mind, a willingness to engage, and a promise to provide prompt, candid feedback.

Edited Sam Houston

A great business deserves a great outcome. We're committed to delivering it.

We have a deep appreciation for businesses that are built to last. Our long term outlook means we place great value on resilience, continuity, and sustained reinvestment.


You can learn more about our search criteria and operating philosophy below.

Proudly Local

Blue Tile Capital is led by Charlie Schaub, an entrepreneur and investor based in Houston, Texas.

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