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Our Approach and Criteria

Blue Tile Capital is an entrepreneur-led investment vehicle focused on acquiring and operating a single business. With funding in place and an investment horizon measured in decades, we can move quickly and adapt deal terms to fit the seller's needs.

Though we've put thought into our ideal acquisition profile, we're also pragmatists who recognize that great businesses come in different shapes and sizes. You can read more about our criteria below.


  • Located in or accessible from Greater Houston.

  • We love hearing about under-the-radar opportunities throughout Southeast and Central Texas.

Financial Profile

  • $300,000 to $1 million in SDE.

  • Five year record of profitability.

  • We prioritize resiliency.  Reoccurring revenue, low customer concentration, and minimal cyclicality will be more attractive than eye-catching Y.o.Y sales growth.

  • Some of the businesses that impress us most deliver premium service experiences: their brand quality and proprietary expertise are evidenced by industry leading gross margins and capital efficiency.

Current Ownership

  • Owner-operator who is motivated to sell by retirement.

  • We value strong cultures and experienced employees who will continue to grow with the company.


  • Our primary consideration is whether a business has a sustainable market niche. Does it provide a necessary product or service? Are there barriers to competition, such as geography or a differentiated offering?

  • A non-exhaustive list of verticals that interest us includes: B2B services, education and youth development, healthcare support services, workforce training, safety and inspection,  aging support / senior care.

  • While we are open to consumer facing businesses (including home services) we tend to avoid auction situations featuring strategic or financial buyers.

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